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Towards a safer JavaScript

Let's face it, JavaScript by itself gives you enough freedom to write terribly bad code. It may not yet be the new Perl, but one can certainly go for the write-only style that still haunts one of the most useful programming languages in history. The recent ES generations (are we really finally about to call it ECMAScript?) gave my favorite language a huge productivity boost, and along came static type checkers, proper linters and decent style guides. But it's not all sunshine and unicorns shitting rainbows. The community seems to thirst for more and more syntactic sugar, yet at the same time needs more and more linter rules and type constraints to rein itself in... Perhaps at some point ES will stabilize and a new JavaScript (or whatever we will call it) may arise, discarding all the idiosyncrasies that we tried so hard to get rid of. But I don't have the patience to wait. And no matter what the community or business world says, I'm pretty sure we can discard some th