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The corporate hijack of open source code

Big corporations like Monsanto somewhat resemble the Borg from Star Trek: you will be assimilated. Aside from the radical anti-globalist rhetoric of Vandana Shiva , patenting seeds is a very monstrous thing to do. I mean, I don't like the thought of people stealing my ideas to make money that would've otherwise gone my way, but the whole intellectual property deal already is such a slippery slope. To tinker with living organisms is bad enough, but to patent them is crossing the line. I don't want to be drawn into a political discussion: this entry serves a purpose. I'd like to address the corporate undercurrents in open source software. I'm a proponent of open business. I like to share ideas as they emerge, at least with a small circle. In my last post I wanted to raise awareness for the problem I have with object-oriented programming. After writing it, and watching the interview with Vandana Shiva, I suddenly became aware that the same concept of patented seed do