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Forms as state containers Part 4: form generation

This is a small series on HTML forms. The previous post was Forms as state containers Part 3: validation.

With form generation we leave the realm of functional form controls. In addition to barebones client logic, we have to focus on the User. Many programmers tend to forget that. However, the devil is in the details. You may just want to add a simple form to capture an email address for a newsletter subscription, or an entire multi-lingual webshop with checkout system, it's all the same, really. No matter the use case, the accessibility, look & feel and ease of use of the app are just as important as the validity of the data. Unfortunately, this is were many applications fail, as we've all experienced at some point.

There's not one way to solve the "forms problem", as there's an insurmountable gap between user, designer and programmer. In my opinion, the ultimate goal is: enough flexibility, with the ability for designers to rapidly create working protot…