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Shuffle it

Coming from the muddy world of javascript, I've always desired cleaner code, not only from myself, but from the community as well. I tried to achieve that by creating a small language that parses to javascript, as so many others have done before me. It's based on Joy, developed by Manfred von Thun over a decade ago, although it seems to have been abandoned. A similar language, Forth, was already developed back in the sixties, and is still actively used in embedded computer systems. Like other "purely functional" languages the core mechanic is the mathematical function. Mathematical functions perform operations on a number of values, and return a new value, not touching anything else in the program. Unlike other functional languages, the functions – or rather, "words" – in Joy (and Forth) have no formal parameters. Consider the following function in javascript:

function add(a,b) {     return a + b; } add(2,2);
Parameters 'a' and 'b' are need…