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Beyond Inversion of Control

There is no doubt about it: the MVC pattern has taken over. In my view, it just has one "minor" flaw: tight coupling. Every time you insert a reference to another class, it's just gonna sit there forever until you, the developer, decide to take it out again. To ameliorate this, Inversion of Control was introduced. It uses dependency injection at runtime, so the control of the dependency is out of the hands of the developer. Some people seem to find it hard to understand IoC, but it's really that simple. Who or what is in control, now that the reference has become all soft and fuzzy? You've guessed it: your config.conf. Or your wysi.wig. Something horrible at least. Well, that's your prize for joining the MVC movement. But wait, wasn't there some way to explain to your boss that you're still a decent programmer? Yes, through reference! He or she is probably looking at all your LinkedIn endorsements! Good job! Cudos to you! Catch my drift? There is not